"The smart choice for professional Energy and Property Solutions."
"The smart choice for professional Energy  and Property Solutions."

Residential services

Domestic EPC
Domestic/ Residential EPC’s available from £45 inc for a single residential property dependant on size and postcode.
Fully qualified, accredited and insured Assessors.

SAP Assessments
The Standard Assessment Procedure ( SAP ).
Our EPC Assessors are accredited to produce Design Stage and As Built SAP Assessments. Contact us for a quote.

Gas safe Certificates
Gas Safe Certificates completed and carried out by Gas Safe registered engineers to meet legal obligations of home owners and professional landlords.

Air Tightness Testing
Air Tightness Testing is the procedure to trace unwanted drafts and uncontrolled airflow through a building, which can lead to heat loss resulting in higher CO2 emissions.
All assessors are BINDT registered.

Commercial services

Commercial EPC
Commercial EPC available for single commercial buildings, quotes also available for block developments. All quotes dependant on size and complexity of site.
All assessors are fully qualified, accredited and insured.

Display Energy Certificates ( DEC ) and advisory reports are required for buildings with a total useful floor area over 500m2 that are occupied by public authorities and are frequently visited by the public.
Air Tightness Testing
Procedure is available for commercial premises, all assessors are fully accredited and registered.

SBEM Calculations
SBEM calculates the energy cost and carbon emissions generated to heat, light, ventilate, cool and provide hot water to a building. SBEM calculations are used to show compliance with Part L of the Buildings Regulations and should be applied from the design stage of the build process.
SBEM Calculations are a mandatory requirement for any heated, new commercial building exceeding 50m2 floor area.



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We are a leading provider of residential and commercial surveys. Our system of operation allows for a quick and hassle free delivery of all your EPC needs.



ECS-Direct is able to provide a professional and coordinated approach to the property services needs of both private and trade clients.

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